My brother Shane was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 13. He didn’t suffer with seizures on a daily basis. However, he had them during his sleep so we were unsure of how many he may have suffered with. We were always told that he had mild epilepsy and that this was controlled by his medication which he took every day. His epilepsy did affect his confidence as a young man, he never would tell us it but we knew.

When he was 17 he went on a Summer Trip with NCS that had to be cut short due to him having a seizure. He was making friends, enjoying the activities but it had to be cut short for him, he was so sad about this. He was starting to learn to drive but this had to be postponed. Epilepsy had a massive impact on him doing the things that most young people take for granted.

Shane passed away from SUDEP and we knew nothing about it as a family, if we did we would have put so much more into place to support his seizures; such as equipment that would alarm us to him having a seizure during his sleep. Research towards epilepsy is important to us because if we can help spread awareness of the seriousness of epilepsy no matter how mild or severe it may be.

Shane loved helping others, and although he isn’t here in person he would be so pleased that his memorial fund could help another family not go through what we have.

– Josie, Mum and Dad, October 2019

To make a donation to Shane’s memorial fund, please use the link below or visit the Just Giving page here