24 October 1983 – 30 September 2016

“Being a true Gentleman never goes out of fashion”

Owain was a strong but very gentle, kind person who cared so much about others, more so than himself. He was very much loved, admired and respected by all those who had the good fortune to meet him, especially his loving and devoted wife Victoria, his Mum and Dad, Ann and Peter, and his sister, Nerys.

He was a tireless defender and protector of those he felt were in need and the people he loved; he was always ready with a sympathetic ear and a hug whenever needed. He despised injustice wherever he saw it and fought against it whenever and however he could. This included giving to charity, helping and talking to the homeless and campaigning and raising awareness for social justice and equality.

Owain struggled with epilepsy following his diagnosis later in life, particularly with coordination, memory, focus and creativity which in turn significantly affected his mood, although he fought very hard to control and not show it; he did not like to ask for help. He was also affected by numerous types of seizures and migraines on a regular basis and a number of side effects, including insomnia, resulting from his various epilepsy medications. Despite all this he was always cheerful and funny and worked hard to provide for his wife, their beast of a cat Nemo and to attain his goals and dreams. Owain and Victoria were devoted to each other, everything they did was for each other’s benefit and with other people in mind.

Owain and Victoria were aware that funding for epilepsy research was not a priority area for the Government and often lamented this fact. Owain would be very pleased to know that donations were being made in his name and to know that something good could come out of his untimely passing, which will also be a great comfort to his wife and family.

Please give generously in memory of this gentle giant with a heart of gold, a very special soul, in the hopes that further funding and research can benefit others whose lives are affected by epilepsy.

– Victoria Thomas, October 2016

To make a donation to Owain’s memorial fund, please use the link below.