Neil McDerment was only 37 when he died suddenly and unexpectedly in Edinburgh on 18th November, 2021. 

He had been diagnosed with epilepsy when he was about 14 years old but had not let it get in the way of him living a normal life. He enjoyed skiing and other outdoor pursuits and took part in a challenging school expedition to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. After studying biology at Stirling University he went on to postgraduate studies and research into genomics at Edinburgh University and the Roslin Institute. More recently, he enjoyed working with various teams in the NatWest group. He loved sci-fi and history and was a caring and generous friend who enjoyed hosting dinner parties and games nights and loved going to ceilidhs and Scottish folk concerts.

Neil’s epilepsy was generally well controlled by his medication but he still suffered two or three episodes a year. He had learned how to tell if one was coming on and this usually enabled him to get to a place of safety before a full seizure hit and he often managed to stave them off completely. It was therefore all the more heartbreaking when he died as the result of one when he was out with friends. Those friends who were with him did all they could and the ambulance came quickly but it proved impossible to save him.

Neil’s death leaves a great hole in the life of his family and his friends and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

That is why the family have set up this memorial fund in his name. One day, someone will discover why Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy occurs and that will save the lives of other young people who do not deserve to die so young.

– Ron, Christine and Ailie McDerment, December 2021

To make a donation to Neil’s memorial fund, please use the link below.