Mark was a much loved son, brother, uncle and nephew, who sadly passed away on Easter Sunday, March 2013, aged 45. Mark had his first seizure when he was 22, and then had a further severe seizure when he was 25. After this time Mark’s seizures became regular and difficult to control, he was often hospitalised due to the severity of the seizure. Mark was also diagnosed with MS at the age of 19.In March 2012 Mark had a very severe seizure which had serious effects on his MS resulting in Mark spending several weeks in hospital. Mark was then transferred to a nursing home as he was unable to live independently where he lived for 11 months before Mark sadly passed away.

Even though the MS and epilepsy gave Mark significant challenges in his life, Mark still lived life to the full. Mark enjoyed going on several holidays a year with his mum and family, Mark also enjoyed going out regularly. Mark was always full of smiles and jokes and would brighten up your day. Even though his memory was severely affected by the epilepsy, Mark would never let this get in his way and would always have his little phrases ready to make you laugh. Mark had a great love for his football team and also loved the colour red.

Mark was so happy and even though he needed 24 hour care he would never complain and would always joke with his carers. Mark had a very strong Christian faith and was never scared about what lay ahead.

Mark has left a big void in our lives, his family, especially his young niece, always looked to Mark to share his happiness and he is missed by everyone. Mark will always be remembered with a smile.

Epilepsy can be a cruel condition where it continually takes part of your loved ones memory, and donations have been made in memory of Mark to help others.”

– Nicky Addison, May 2013

To make a donation to Mark’s memorial fund, please use the link below.