We lost our darling boy aged 19 to a massive seizure on Wednesday 16th October 2013. Edward, or Eds as he was affectionately known , not only suffered from epilepsy but also lived with autism, which in our eyes made him even more special, not only to us, but to all who knew him. His smile had the ability to brighten even the worst days and his loss is deeply felt by every one of the many people whose lives he touched.His unique character never ceased to amaze and astound us all. Eds’ autism meant he found joy in the things that others would see as ordinary. Two of his favourite things were Coca Cola and photographs, which you could sense within five minutes of meeting him, as he usually had one or both in tow. His appreciation of the simple things in life was his biggest lesson to us all and despite the problems he faced on a daily basis, he always kept that cheeky grin, for which he will always be remembered.

Eds’ epilepsy became increasingly more severe as he got older and reached adulthood, which was terrible for him to endure and for us to witness on a regular basis.

In creating this memorial fund we hope to not only preserve the wonderful memory of our truly unique son and little pesky brother, but to also help others that suffer from this debilitating illness daily, as our brave young man did.

You will live on forever in our thoughts and hearts. Sleep tight.

– Lesley, Paul & Emily Bird, February 2014

To make a donation to Edward’s memorial fund, please use the link below.