“Our son Daniel sadly passed away suddenly in December just 5 months old. Daniel started having seizures when he was just 3 days old. He was so young and we would find him half way through his seizures and wonder why he was staring up in the air and breathing slightly different. We’d never seen one from the start till he was 2 weeks old when his colour changed to blue and his eyes went squint and we knew there was something seriously wrong. Daniel was taken to hospital in Dumfries for observation for 3 days, discharged for 2 days and then was back in hospital for 5 weeks between Dumfries and Yorkhill in Glasgow.Daniel was diagnosed with epilepsy after a seizure which lasted 25 mins while he was on an EEG. He was put on medication to control his epilepsy and it seemed to be helping as he only had one more seizure during the 20 weeks he was on it whereas at the beginning he was having one every 4 or 5 days. As time went on and with help from a physio he was doing brilliantly, starting to relax more and reaching out for things.

Daniel was such an alert wee boy, always taking everything in and laughing and smiling at everyone. He was beautiful with his big blue eyes, dark hair and pure skin. He had everything to go through with lumbar punctures and blood tests but he was always so brave and happy. He totally loved his big sister Molly who is 4 and she was always trying to mother him and make him smile. Daniel also loved getting baths with Molly and getting sung Twinkle Twinkle too. His dad Alex was already getting him into the football and he loved sitting on his knee watching it on the tele.

We are going to do everything we can to make a good name for Daniel by raising as much money as we can for Epilepsy Research UK to help others. Daniel is our brave wee soldier who was taken too soon and too young. He has touched a lot of people’s lives with his bravery and big flirty smiles and will never be forgotten.

– Rebecca Foster and Alexander McColm, December 2010

“Love you our wee angel, Love your big sisters Molly and Aleesha.”

“Love you and miss you so much Daniel our wee star, Mummy and Daddy.”

To make a donation to Daniel’s memorial fund, please use the link below or visit the Just Giving page here.