Caspar Gaze died aged 22 as a result of an epileptic seizure on 23rd April 2017. He leaves behind a family numb at his loss.Caspar had a huge appetite for life. The weeks before his death were amongst his most fulfilled. He loved his new job working for British Airways in London. He loved his new flat and living in the docklands of the East End. Caspar was set for life. He achieved all this entirely independently. He had taken himself off to England when he was 16 to complete his education. Through his own efforts and hard work he got a series of jobs all leading to his final job. Every time he got knocked down, he picked himself up and started again. He would not allow himself to be held back by his epilepsy.

Caspar and his twin brother Milo were diagnosed with epilepsy in 2003. At first it was occasional absence seizures, but these became more and more numerous as they grew older. In their early teens both boys started having grand mal seizures. Despite seeing doctors in England, France and USA, their seizures were never properly controlled.

Caspar and Milo were lucky enough to know the freedom of growing up in the French countryside, wandering all over the place, camping in woods, swimming in lakes, but epilepsy cast a grim shadow over their childhood. Endless hospital visits, the fear of seizures that might happen at any moment and the creeping consequences of those seizures.

We would really like something good to come out of all this; so we are raising money for Epilepsy Research UK in memory of Caspar. Hopefully one day soon, the researchers that we help fund will make the necessary breakthroughs.

– The Gaze family, January 2019

To make a donation to Caspar’s memorial fund, please use the link below.