Our daughter tragically and unexpectedly passed away at home the morning of 10th July 2019, aged 18, during a seizure.Bea had only ever had four seizures in the past – one in September 2017, which after many tests was given the all clear from and assumed as a ‘one off nocturnal’, and three in March 2019, all in the early hours of the morning, after which she was given medication for and a review date with a consultant for six months after.

My husband and I attended appointments with her, and at no point was there any warning that there was a potential to die during a seizure. Medical teams need to ensure patients are being given full information about their diagnosis, that their families are aware of the dangers and that patients are encouraged to tell their friends what to look out for and when to call for help. First Aid training should be offered to the parents/family/carers of patients diagnosed with seizures.

Bea gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Gracie-Mai Matthews, in December 2018, who remains living with us and her Great-Grandparents as requested in Bea’s will. In the short time that has passed, our daughter has missed so much of seeing Gracie grow and change, and everyone comments on how much she looks like her Mummy, she truly is a mini-Bea.

When Bea passed away, she had just finished her first year of A level Photography and was due to go back to college in September to continue with this course, and take up a BTEC in Psychology, while looking after Gracie. This showed her determination.

Our daughter was bright, funny, lit up a room with her smile, and gave the best cuddles. We miss seeing and hearing her every day, telling each other about our days at the dinner table, planning dates in the diary together, singing in the car at the tops of our voices. The list is endless. I miss not being able to tell her I love her unconditionally and how proud I am of her. Now we continue for her daughter.

– Alexandra Matthews-Kilhams and family, October 2019

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