Sunday 29th May 2011 was the day that broke my heart, the day my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep. The cause of death – SUDEP.Adrian was 34 years young (although if you asked him that question he always said he was 21). He had the right medication and dosage that controlled his seizures well, and Adrian led his life as he wanted. He refused to see epilepsy as a disability or as something that should hold him back.

Adrian was a wonderful son, grandson, brother, uncle, nephew and of course my perfect husband. He was unassuming, quiet and the most thoughtful person I’ve known. Everyone who knew him even for a short time will agree he was definitely one of the good guys. One of those rare people that everyone loved admired and respected, his soul was pure and good. When they say nobody is perfect I can argue – some people just are.

Adrian was fanatic about Manchester United; an avid reader and computer wizard! He enjoyed learning about history and had a keen interest in politics and current affairs. We enjoyed exploring the coast, visiting museums, walking around parks and especially loved spending days at the zoo.

Adrian changed my life and made me the person I am today. He believed in me and his memory will always live on through me. The life I thought I was going to have has been torn apart but I have a life and I will use it as Adrian would want – not to waste it and to make the most of every day. For him, I will do what I can to fulfil the dreams we shared.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world; for having known him but especially at becoming his wife. Adrian is the love of my life, not just my husband – my best friend and my soul mate. Adrian is still teaching me things – life is short, for some bitterly so; memories are comforting so make as many as you can and life is what you make it.

We all have great memories of Adrian; he would want us all to cherish memories, share our stories, laugh and cry and love. We are heartbroken that he has been taken from us, but we’ll celebrate the wonderful life that he led.

– Mrs Jenn Webley, September 2011

To make a donation to Adrian’s memorial fund, please use the link below or visit the Just Giving page here.