Gifts in Wills left to Epilepsy Research UK play a vital role in securing the future of research into epilepsy. They enable us to provide help for today through clinical research improving treatments and therapies, and hope for tomorrow through lab-based studies seeking to prevent epilepsy.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Epilepsy Research UK, you will help to secure the future of research and work towards our collective vision of a life free from epilepsy. We understand that your loved ones come first. Once you’ve remembered them, would you consider leaving a gift in your Will to Epilepsy Research UK? No matter how large or small, your gift will be a lasting legacy through funding research.

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If you would like more information, why not contact Jo, our Head of Donor Relations, for an informal chat. Please call 020 3096 7887 or email jo.finnerty@eruk.org.uk

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Long-standing supporter Jeanette lives with epilepsy and has pledged a gift to ERUK in her Will.

I have complete confidence that my gift will be used wisely, to further the groundbreaking research for which the charity is well known. I would like future epilepsy researchers to have funding to build on that body of work and to help decades of future patients become seizure-free.

Gordon and Gill’s family have been greatly affected by epilepsy. In hope of a future where epilepsy can be safely controlled, they have remembered Epilepsy Research UK in their Will.

We look forward to a time when epilepsy has less impact on people’s lives. It means so much to us that, through a gift in our Will, we can contribute to a better future for people with epilepsy.


We know many charities offer a Free Wills service, however, every single penny that is directed towards our life changing, life saving research will make a difference to people with epilepsy.

The Goodwill Partnership

We’ve teamed up with The Goodwill Partnership, which offers a home-visit, online video or phone Will writing service in England and Wales. Trained counsellors will help you write your Will at a time that’s convenient for you. Your Will is then checked by one of The Goodwill Partnership’s approved solicitors and returned to you.

To book an appointment, you can call The Goodwill Partnership on 0844 669 6148 or visit their website.

The Law Society

For information on what to consider when making a Will see the Law Society guide here. If you don’t already have a local solicitor, you can find a solicitor in your local area using the Law Society ‘Find a Solicitor’ service here.

If you include a gift to Epilepsy Research UK in your Will, we’d love to hear from you to be able thank you for your support. Let us know by calling Jo, our Head of Donor Relations, on 020 3096 7887 or emailing jo.finnerty@eruk.org.uk

As scientists we know that each increment of knowledge, every marginal gain, when added together can make big differences to the lives of people with epilepsy.
Professor Sameer Zuberi
ERUK-funded Researcher

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