Our very own Leanne is writing a blog to document her 2020 London Marathon Journey, discussing all things training, fundraising and epilepsy.

Leanne has been a valued member of the ERUK team since September last year when she took on the role of Financial Administration and Data Manager.

Having lived with epilepsy for as long as she could remember, a few years ago Leanne made a promise to herself when her seizures were at their worst:

As I lay there, London marathon coverage in the background, something made me promise myself that if my seizures were ever controlled again, I would make it my goal to cross that finishing line.

With training now well under way, Leanne’s honest posts are a realistic and often moving account of how she is managing her epilepsy through her training, alongside a busy job and studying.

For anyone who is training for a sporting event or lives with epilepsy, Leanne’s blog proves to be a thoughtful, encouraging read: “I hope sharing some of my own experiences might help make your journey a little easier”.

You can find the link to her latest post ‘Seizure free, not epilepsy free’ here, where Leanne shares her fuelling strategy, as well as her own experience with epilepsy beyond seizures.

For me the real struggle is not the physical seizure but the complete lack of control, never knowing when a seizure will rear its ugly head and the inevitable chaos that then descends on my life.

If you would like to support Leanne’s efforts and contribute to life changing life saving research visit her fundraising page here.

Visit Leanne’s blog here