Epilepsy Research UK is pleased to announce we have passed the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) Peer Review Audit. To retain our membership, we are required to submit to this rigorous audit which includes peer review feedback and guidance to encourage good practice.

We are proud to display the logo on our website – which is evidence that we continue to meet the highest standards with our peer review processes and support the best research and researchers. For you as supporters, this means you can be assured your donations are going to the highest quality research.

What is the Peer Review Audit?

Membership of the AMRC is the hallmark of quality research funding – it ensures, as a supporter investing in research, your money is being well spent. All AMRC members must use a rigorous peer review process, following the five main principles outlined by the AMRC,to decide which research they fund. The audit collects information and data on AMRC members’ processes, which is then assessed by the Peer Review Audit Committee.

The committee comprises representatives from AMRC member charities, the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research and ensures members are adhering to high standards and keeping pace with best practice. Where the standards are not met, the audit enables AMRC to support members in addressing peer review challenges to ultimately improve research funding practices.

Why is peer review so important?

Peer review is the best way for health and medical research charities to decide what research to fund and allows them to support the very best projects and people. This in turn can help charities such as Epilepsy Research UK maximise the impact of their funding, delivering benefits to patients sooner.

In a recent Research Blog, Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), Professor Mike Cousin, further explains the importance of peer review, as well our processes behind deciding which research projects to fund. You can read his blog here to find out why our supporters can be sure they are investing in only the best research here.