This year ERUK Fellow Dr Sukhvir Wright at Aston University was awarded a Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellowship worth over £1million.

This funding is to continue Dr Wright’s ERUK-funded research into autoimmunity and epilepsy.

Having witnessed first-hand, as a doctor, the suffering and devastation caused by autoimmune and intractable epilepsy I feel it would be an enormous privilege to make treatment discoveries that could transform these lives.
Dr Sukhvir Wrigh

An autoimmune disease is one in which the immune system, which normally protects our body from attack, begins to turn on the body’s own healthy cells and tissues. This causes the production of autoantibodies that target our own cells.

Dr Wright’s research will find out why these brain autoantibodies cause epilepsy and seizures, and develop treatments that work to reverse the damage caused.

We extend our thanks to Dr Wright for her huge contribution to this area of epilepsy research.

Read about Dr Wright’s 2016 ERUK Fellowship research here.