Epilepsy Research UK and Rome-based pharmaceutical company Angelini Pharma have entered into a strategic alliance to support data-driven research into epilepsy. As the first step, today we are announcing plans to launch a call to commission a study that will use large-scale NHS clinical data records to understand and predict important clinical outcomes in refractory epilepsy.

The collaboration between our two organisations and the successful applicant will bring together the expertise of each to support a study that will underpin future development in this area and accelerate innovations in the treatment and care of people living with uncontrolled epilepsy. Despite decades of research, people with epilepsy still face significant challenges. Getting the right diagnosis can take years. 30% of people with epilepsy still live with uncontrolled seizures. And tragically, there are 21 epilepsy-related deaths every week.

Maxine Smeaton, Epilepsy Research UK Chief Executive said:

“We are excited to work with Angelini Pharma on data-driven research programmes.  We know that every one of the 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK is an individual, a unique person. Something that works for one person, or a small group of people, might not work for everyone else. But by using ‘Big Data’ we can analyse the health data of people with epilepsy as a population. Researchers may then be able to identify previously unseen trends, which could offer new and innovative treatment pathways for refractory epilepsy.”

Agnese Cattaneo, Angelini Pharma Global Chief Medical Offer said:

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Epilepsy Research UK. Through our combined networks we will be able to bring together rich data on large numbers of people and use new technologies to analyse the patterns which start to emerge. This will be an integral part of driving innovations in care. The more people whose data is included in research, the more robust and reliable the results.”

In driving Big Data research, the ambition of the alliance is to foster collaborations between people from different research fields, and between scientists and people affected by epilepsy. By bringing people together – those affected by epilepsy, innovators working in new technologies and researchers working on the answers –we can work together to solve our community’s biggest challenges – and finally answer questions we’ve been unable to tackle for decades.

You can find full application details and guidance below.

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