Last night at the House of Commons we were pleased to stand alongside a number of charities who have all agreed to work together to improve outcomes for people with neurodevelopmental conditions.

The Embracing Complexity Coalition, lead by the team at Autistica, has released a report summarising the results of a survey of people living with Neurodevelopmental conditions to stimulate further discussion and debate. The charities have aligned due to the growing recognition that neurodevelopmental conditions often share symptoms and most people affected have more than one of these conditions – and often many.The charities believe that a more integrated approach is required and have taken the first step by forming a coalition.

Epilepsy Research UK has long identified this as a priority area and in March of this year we brought together 50 of the world’s leading experts in epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders research for a two day workshop.The 12th International Expert Workshop was comprised of six sessions, each exploring a different aspect of epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders. The session themes ranged from epileptic encephalopathy, genetic epilepsies, behaviour and development, to molecular therapeutic strategies. Each session was followed by a chaired discussion to help identify and prioritise future research directions and forge collaborations. To read more about our 12th International Expert Workshop, click here.We are looking forward to being an active member of the coalition and will be calling for further investment into this vital area of work.