Chris Dunn-Veale had a busy 2019. On Saturday 28 September he completed the North Downs 50km Challenge, his last of nine ultra-marathons, clocking up a total of 856km this year.

Why? You may well ask.

This colossal effort was all in aid of fundraising for Epilepsy Research UK and in memory of Chris’ good friend Jonny Everett, who sadly passed away due to epilepsy five years ago.

“He was 21 years old and just two weeks away from his 22nd birthday. He came home one evening and said goodnight to his parents. Unfortunately, his mum came in to wake him the next morning, but he had passed away. It was just a complete shock.”

During the challenge Chris pushed himself to the limit; he was forced to pull out at the 58th kilometre of the 100km Jurassic Coast Challenge due to mental exhaustion. Determined to make up the lost kilometres, he immediately signed up to two half-marathons – the Salisbury Race for Men and the Salisbury 54321 Half. Completing these races made up the 42km and put him back on track for the full distance.

After Jonny’s death I just thought – I need to do something. Whether it’s funding research, helping those who are suffering with the condition, or supporting the carers of people with epilepsy. It can happen to anyone: females, males, children, or the elderly. So hopefully, if I can push things forward just a little bit, that would be good.
Chris Dunn-Veale

His fundraising efforts do not stop with the nine back to back ultra-marathons – Chris is on a personal mission to raise £10,000 for ERUK. At the time of writing, he has raised over £8,000 of the total.

Chris’ tireless campaigning and championing of our cause has had an immeasurable impact this year. We are so fortunate to have him on-side. Thank you Chris from all of us at Epilepsy Research UK.