Groundbreaking research carried out in the UK has shown that the number and frequency of seizures can be reduced by training the brain to be more alert.  For the majority of people diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures will be controlled by a drug regime but for approximately 30-40%, their seizures will be resistant to medication and will remain poorly controlled.  For these, an alternative solution is needed.Previous studies have focused on training the brain to relax, but in this study, the precise opposite was investigated.   Dr Yoko Nagai, a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, run jointly by Brighton University and Sussex University, devised a programme which trained people with drug resistant epilepsy to keep their brains alert.Far from inducing more seizures, the research found that by increasing the brain’s alertness, the brain was calmed and the number of seizures were reduced.  This research offers the possibility of an effective and potent intervention for those with drug resistant epilepsy.  As Dr Nagai says “This approach is non-pharmacological, non-invasive and seemingly side-effect free.”To read more click here.