Epilepsy Research UK is delighted to share an opportunity for our SHAPE NETWORK members to be involved in our annual research funding process. This year we have developed an additional stage of the grant round, known as the SHAPE NETWORK Application Clinics, providing shortlisted grant round applicants an opportunity to meet with members of the SHAPE NETWORK to discuss their proposed research and seek input and advice.

This role is open to SHAPE NETWORK members only; however, you can still sign up to our SHAPE NETWORK here before applying to this role.

Why should people with epilepsy be involved in the research funding process?

Last year Epilepsy Research UK launched the SHAPE NETWORK, with the aim of building a community of people affected by epilepsy who are interested in being involved in research. There is growing recognition that Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) at an early stage of research leads to higher-quality studies and better outcomes. We want to ensure that people affected by epilepsy are central to our research funding decisions and that the projects we support reflect what matters most to people living with the condition. That’s why we are involving SHAPE NETWORK members early in the funding process through our application clinics.

SHAPE NETWORK Application Clinic Volunteers

This year, all researchers who are shortlisted at the initial application stage of the grant round will be invited to a virtual meeting with two members of the SHAPE NETWORK. Researchers are encouraged to use this opportunity to consider how people affected by epilepsy could best be involved in the proposed research, how to make the complex scientific language involved more accessible, or how best to communicate potential impact. The aim of this is to support shortlisted researchers to produce high impact applications and will be a mandatory requirement for all applicants.

As an application clinic volunteer you will:

  • Read an extract from the research application of around 3 pages
  • Attend a virtual call (on Zoom) of around 40 minutes with the researcher and one other SHAPE NETWORK member to discuss the research application. Any topics that the researcher would like your specific insight on will be sent to you in advance. The call will be facilitated by the Epilepsy Research UK Research Team who will be in attendance at all times.

The time commitment required for this role will approximately be 30 minutes to read the application and 40 minutes on the application clinic Zoom call. The clinics will take place in November and December 2021 and will be arranged around your availability.

Deadline to apply: 22nd November 2021, 4pm

Read more about this role download the role profile here.

To apply, download and complete the application form here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss applying for this role, email our Head of Research Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett here.