The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) – of which Epilepsy Research UK is a proud member – have today released a new report demonstrating the ways medical research charities make a difference to people and society through research funding.

The ‘Making a Difference: Impact Report 2021’ highlights figures and examples exploring the variety of ways medical research charities make a difference, from changing the lives of patients and researchers to vital contributions to the research landscape pipeline. The report was based on data collected by AMRC members, including Epilepsy Research UK. In 2020, AMRC member charities collectively invested £1.7 billion in medical research in the UK and have invested a staggering £14.5 billion over the past decade. This impressive investment demonstrates how vital medical research charities, such as Epilepsy Research UK, are for the UK medical research ecosystem.  

As a medical research charity, it’s important we are able to track the impact of the research we fund. One way to do this is through an online tool called Researchfish, which allows charities to collect the outputs and outcomes of their research funding from researchers over time. Many AMRC members use this method, allowing the AMRC to pool together data and perform a cross-sector analysis of the outcomes of the research funded by its members.  

This new report demonstrates what research funded by AMRC members can achieve, highlighting examples of excellence and putting the roles of charities into the context of the wider research system. It follows on from AMRC’s 2017 and 2019 impact reports, incorporating three more years of data and new stories of the impact of charity-funded research.  

The report is structured around three important ways in which charities add immense value: meeting the needs of patients; boosting researcher careers; and supporting the research system. As demonstrated in the report, the below AMRC infographic highlights examples of the difference medical research charities have made in these areas: 

You can read the full report here

The publication of this report coincides with the appointment of CEO Nicola Perrin as the new AMRC Chief Executive. Epilepsy Research UK would like to give a very warm welcome to Nicola and congratulate her on this appointment!