Our #ALifeInterrupted campaign seeks to highlight the disruptive, interruptive impact of epilepsy, the inequalities in research funding and calls on people affected by epilepsy to shape the future of research. Will you pledge your support?

"I'm pledging my support for the #ALifeInterrupted campaign because..."

It will really help to encourage others….

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  • Rodney Kettel
    Our 16-year-old grandson has just been diagnosed with idiopathic generalised epilepsy. He and his family have benefitted from your research and contributed to "Have Your Say"
    Rodney Kettel - Retired
  • Faye Waddams
    Research is the future, research is the only way to find a cure. To give my little boy a Mummy who doesn’t have seizures. Without research there is no hope.
    Faye Waddams -
  • Laura Pickford
    My little boy has drug resistant epilepsy, Landau-Kleffner Syndrome
    Laura Pickford - Social worker
  • Janie Warner
    I like to support things wherever I can & too many people are unaware of Epilepsy & some are scared of it. It is too much of a taboo subject unfortunately.
    Janie Warner - Housewife
  • Tammy Chappell
    It is important to support people with this condition
    Tammy Chappell - Lead TA physical and medical
  • John Putman
    of the effects epilepsy has had on my life, especially in relation to work
    John Putman - Self-employed
  • Nicole Bateman
    My son has epilepsy and more funding is needed for research into better medication with less side effects so people's lives can stop being interrupted..
    Nicole Bateman - Teacher
  • Cameron Hill
    Cameron Hill -
  • Alexandra J C Westcott
    I lost my gorgeous nephew to Epilepsy which was so unnecessary and sad. He had a wonderful future ahead of him, not to be realised.
    Alexandra J C Westcott - Maker
  • Serina Lall
    Just because Epilepsy is invisible, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. People think that the only time that Epilepsy affects you is when you have a tonic-clonic seizure when it’s more than that.
    Serina Lall - Recent Graduate (2020)