Our #ALifeInterrupted campaign seeks to highlight the disruptive, interruptive impact of epilepsy, the inequalities in research funding and calls on people affected by epilepsy to shape the future of research. Will you pledge your support?

"I'm pledging my support for the #ALifeInterrupted campaign because..."

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  • Alison Edward-Smithson
    My daughter has epilepsy and for all the others
    Alison Edward-Smithson
  • Charles Johnston
    I have known family and friends affected by epilepsy
    Charles Johnston
  • Jason Martin
    There is more to is than just a storm inside our heads.
    Jason Martin
  • Elsie Bennett
    My daughter in law’s life has been horribly Interrupted this last 6 months and continues to be so and research into this debilitating disease is very much underfunded.
    Elsie Bennett
  • Franziska Thomas
    I have seizures everyday, but I’m fighting fit. Epilepsy is an imposition not a tragedy!
    Franziska Thomas
  • Tony Wheeler
    Epilepsy is curable with the right research
    Tony Wheeler
  • Hazel James
    I have seen first hand how this completely changed my daughter when it started in her thirties. It is totally dismissed by the government, PIP and underfunded and misunderstood.
    Hazel James
    We lost our beautiful boy Alex age 11, after many years of battling epilepsy, trying numerous types of medication and brain surgery.
  • Avril Coelho
    I have lived with epilepsy since childhood and it has interrupted my life in many ways making me the person I am today.
    Avril Coelho
  • Jill and Ian Robb
    our son's life was fatally interrupted and the research that ERUK endorses is the way forward for everyone who has seizures
    Jill and Ian Robb