At Epilepsy Research UK, we know that research holds the key to helping the more than 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK. The research we invest in has the potential to be life changing and life saving. Our vision is for a life free from epilepsy, whether that is through the use of improved drug therapies or finding the pathway to prevention.



We aim to promote, encourage and fund research into the causes, diagnosis and clinical management of people with epilepsy and associated conditions.


We want to capacity build the epilepsy research environment by developing the next generation of epilepsy researchers.


We want to help accelerate innovations for people with epilepsy by supporting research that will influence clinical practice and health policy.

To meet these objectives we support and promote
basic and clinical scientific research into all
aspects of epilepsy, encouraging the work of
scientists and clinicians throughout the UK
who are investigating epilepsy in both
adults and children

Our annual research spending is currently just over
£1 million, raised almost entirely through voluntary
donations from the public. Depending on the type of
grants awarded, this allows us to fund 10 or more
projects each year.

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We administer a wide portfolio of research all over the UK which is funded following rigorous, impartial scrutiny of grant applications and is then monitored regularly throughout its life-span. We look for innovative research ideas, of the highest scientific merit, that have the greatest potential for making a real difference to patients’ lives.

To read more about the research projects we fund, please use the links below

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We aim to achieve more than just funding. Epilepsy Research UK is building the next generation of epilepsy scientists by attracting emerging leaders, both scientists and clinicians, and encouraging them to pursue a career in epilepsy research.

Our funds support individual scientists and clinicians based in university departments, medical schools and hospitals throughout the country. The impact of their work is global.

Alongside this we continue to inspire collaboration, bringing the epilepsy research community together through our global expert workshops, events and scientific meetings to further innovation through the cross-fertilisation and sharing of ideas. We work closely with other associated condition charities to share knowledge and skills to ensure that epilepsy is recognised in government health and social care policy.