Epilepsy Research UK is the only charity exclusively dedicated to driving and enabling life changing, life saving research into epilepsy.

The research projects and fellowships we support are of the highest scientific merit and are subject to rigorous scrutiny, involving a Scientific Advisory Committee, independent expert opinion, interviews and peer review. Our pioneering clinical research discovers ways to advance the medical care and management of people living with epilepsy and our lab-based scientific projects investigate causes and methods for improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention. We aim to provide help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Alongside developing the next generation of epilepsy research leaders, we play a key role in capacity building the research community. Our internationally renowned Expert Workshop programme and dissemination activities aim to forge local and global collaborations. We also accelerate innovations that improve clinical practice and health policy through partnership working and advocating for further investment in research.

A life free from epilepsy is possible. But only through research.

Epilepsy Research UK is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 4873718.

Registered Office: Epilepsy Research UK, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR



We aim to promote, encourage and fund research into the causes, diagnosis and clinical management of people with epilepsy and associated conditions.


We want to capacity build the epilepsy research environment by developing the next generation of epilepsy researchers.


We want to help accelerate innovations for people with epilepsy by supporting research that will influence clinical practice and health policy.

Dr Charlotte Tye’s research is identifying differences in brain development to understand shared characteristics between autism and epilepsy, informing early intervention when treatments have considerable scope for success.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – our research would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of our supporters. These are just some of their incredible stories.

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A life free from epilepsy is possible – but only through research. Do something amazing today and make a donation to support our pioneering research projects. Together, we can STOP epilepsy interrupting lives.

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