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Our Campaign

Our #ALifeInterrupted campaign seeks to highlight the disruptive, interruptive impact of epilepsy, the inequalities in research funding and calls on people affected by epilepsy to shape the future of research. Will you pledge your support?


“I’m pledging my support for the #ALifeInterrupted campaign because…

  • Jill and Ian Robb
    our son's life was fatally interrupted and the research that ERUK endorses is the way forward for everyone who has seizures
    Jill and Ian Robb
  • Daniel Hallett
    My good friend's son, Charlie, had a very rare form of epilepsy and Charlie fell asleep on July 17th 2017 at 7 years old, so I would like to pledge my support in his memory.
    Daniel Hallett
  • A L
    To help other's understand how this invisible disability affects mine and others lives.
    A L
  • Richard Almond
    It has a massive impact on day to day lives
    Richard Almond
  • Надежда Карлова
    Моя дочь более эпилепсией (My daughter has epilepsy)
    Надежда Карлова
  • Caroline Gratton
    too few experiencing seizures are diagnosed nor get supportive help.
    Caroline Gratton
  • Angela Lamont
    I had a cousin pass away because of a seizure when he was 30, and I don't think enough can be done to raise awareness for epilepsy.
    Angela Lamont
  • Rachel Abba
    Epilepsy affects so many people and takes too many lives each year, including my son’s life. We need to make more people aware of it
    Rachel Abba
  • Rodney Kettel
    Our 16-year-old grandson has just been diagnosed with idiopathic generalised epilepsy. He and his family have benefitted from your research and contributed to "Have Your Say"
    Rodney Kettel
  • Faye Waddams
    Research is the future, research is the only way to find a cure. To give my little boy a Mummy who doesn’t have seizures. Without research there is no hope.
    Faye Waddams

"I'm pledging my support for the #ALifeInterrupted campaign because..."

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Through the incredible efforts of our supporters over the last twelve months, we are delighted that Epilepsy Research UK was able to make £1.3 million available for our 2020 grant awards.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – our research would not be possible without the generosity and commitment of our supporters. Here are some of their incredible stories.

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Do something amazing today and make a donation to ERUK. Your money will go towards driving and enabling life changing, life saving research projects which help people with epilepsy.

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